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I'm Vince Buffalo, a postdoc studying evolutionary genetics in the Kern and Ralph labs at the University of Oregon. I did my PhD with Graham Coop, in the Population Biology Graduate Group at UC Davis. Before graduate school, I worked as a bioinformatician, and I wrote the O'Reilly book Bioinformatics Data Skills sharing the skills I learned. I use statistics, probability, and computers to learn about evolution. » read more

On this website, you can read my blog, read about my research, or explore my digital notes.

latest blog post
The last chapter of my dissertation with Graham Coop was recently published in PNAS last week. In an effort to communicate my research to a broader audience, I have written two blog posts on our work. The first post, is meant to introduce the historical context and concepts like linked selection and polygenic adaptation to a non-scientist, and the second post, below, describes our work on temporal covariance as a signature of polygenic linked selection and its application to four evolve-and-reseqeunce data sets.
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